downtown St. Pete Sundial Movie Reviews "Edge of Tomorrow"

Sundial Movie Reviews: Edge of Tomorrow

Sundial Movie Reviews: Edge of Tomorrow

If I could write and rewrite this movie review everyday over and over again, then ideally it would get better each time. However, once enough rewrites have been done it would become tedious and boring. Thankfully this isn’t the case with Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow where action movie veteran Tom Cruise continuously fights aliens in a time loop. Basically, the movie is Groundhog Day with all the badass action and visual spectacle that you could want in a summer blockbuster. Adapted from Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s graphic novel “All You Need Is Kill”, Edge of Tomorrow successfully partners up Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt with a very impressive and refreshing blend of action and humor.

Tom Cruise plays military PR officer Bill Cage, a character without poise and bravado in comparison with Cruise’s other acting gigs. Cage has no combat experience. He is in charge of promoting human survival in the war against the aliens.  A chain of events occur, which are for you to enjoy so I won’t mention them, and Cage ends up on the battlefield meeting his untimely death. However, his story doesn’t end there as he is caught in a continuous time loop that has him reliving and dying on that same day. Things only begin to change when he meets Special Forces soldier Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt).

I won’t say anymore for your sake, but trust me when I say it just gets better and better from there. Screenwriters Christopher McQuarrie, Jez and John-Henry Butterworth make sure the action moves along smoothly, the repetition doesn’t become tedious and that there is plenty of humor along the way.

Don’t be deterred by the somewhat ‘been there done that’ aspect of the plot. Sure the plot sounds like Groundhog Day meets Aliens but it is so much more. Ironically, Edge of Tomorrow breaks the cycle of the ‘been there done that’ formulaic repetition that most recent blockbusters suffer from. It is surprisingly fresh with an impressive amount of wit and self-awareness, preventing the movie from taking itself too seriously.

The real winner of  Doug Liman’s masterfully crafted action thriller is us, the audience. Let’s face it, recent movie ticket prices haven’t been the most inviting so we are stingy as to what movies we want to watch on the big screen. But every now and then a rare gem of a movie comes out that beckons our attention. This is one of those films, the type of film that we should let influence our wallets.


Rating: Five High Fives AKA You’ll Regret Not Watching It On The Big Screen

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