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Congratulations people, we are getting smarter! How? Most people are taking steps to avoid toxins from entering their body, because they really do exist in almost everything. It is true, we are actively shifting to eat real food, drink purified water, and breathe clean air, but what some do not realize is that these nasty toxins can also enter the body through your skin. This very fact is exactly why organic skin and body products are a vital turning point in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida is home to a young entrepreneur who’s business has blossomed and helps us all smell delicious in a healthy and natural way. Her name is Kim Vorperian, owner of Bodhi Basics ( located at 1239 1st Avenue North.

Exterior of Bodhi Basics in Downtown St. Pete

Originally from Chicago, Kim Vorperian is this cute little hippie chick who attended New College in Sarasota, Florida. Always knowing that she had sensitive skin, Vorperian was determined to create soap without artificial coloring that she could use regularly without paying an arm and a leg for natural products. This smart little cookie figured it out – Bodhi Basics was born in the living room of her friend’s house in Sarasota. She created the soaps for herself at first, but had the intent of growing it as a business because she always knew that she wanted to be the boss lady of her life.

Kim Vorperian, smiling sweetly in her new retail location - Bodhi Basics located at 1239 1st Ave North in Downtown St. Pete
Kim Vorperian, smiling sweetly in her new retail location – Bodhi Basics located at 1239 1st Ave North in Downtown St. Pete

Once she graduated, she bounced around the states to explore and find where “home” would be. Then, in 2013 she found herself in St. Pete and fell in love with the Indie Market and the “Little Makers” culture that had begun to develop in the city. With the help of the Indie Market and support from Keep Saint Petersburg Local, Bodhi Basics has grown from a little product creation in a living room to a storefront and production room in beautiful Downtown St. Pete! (Bravo Kim!)

When you step into Bodhi Basics, you will get a whiff of goodness. Beyond the oh so therapeutic smell, the décor and lighting is welcoming, but the product placement and organization makes every shopping experience easy and breezy. You will discover deodorant (I love the one I purchased, it actually smells good – unlike other natural products – and did not break the bank!), moisturizers, beard oil for the dudes (talk to Nick Coffin, the “Task Manager” about the men’s line – he loves showing off his fantastically groomed facial hair), lip balms, and even soaps for dogs.

BodhiBasics_KimVorperian_DTSP-2 BodhiBasics_KimVorperian_DTSP-7

Why include dog products too? Kim adopted her adorable pup in Chicago when he was just two months old. While all of his sisters and brothers were running amuck, he was simply sitting there calmly and it was love at first sight! She has had her dog, Bodhi (hence the name of her company), for about six years now and they are best friends. When you stop into the store, ask Kim about the “One Dirty Pup Bar” that keeps ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas away, smells good, and of course, is healthy for doggies’ skin. (Do yourself a favor and give Bodhi some lovin’ too – he is the sweetest!)

Meet Bodhi - he is more than just a shop pup!
Meet Bodhi – he is more than just a shop pup!

Kim Vorperian is constantly learning about plants, essential oils, and other oils to include in her products. She loves to have knowledge on all of the different chemical make-ups and will never put anything in her soaps that she wouldn’t eat or put directly on her body. (And I’m telling you – all of Bodhi Basics products smell good and actually work!)

How about this? You toss out all of your pharmacy-bought skin products that are basically poisoning you and go for a little shopping spree at Bodhi Basics in Downtown St. Pete! If you are unable to make it to the store, check out their Etsy or find them at a local market.


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