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I have fallen in love! It is beautiful, fresh, and everything it has to offer looks good on me. I never thought I would say this, but I have found the one that is perfect for any occasion and get this, it does not require a big budget. Oh, you thought I was talking about a person? Nope, I am talking about the adornment I have developed for MISRED, a boutique in Downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida with fashion and accessories for less than fifty dollars each. Located at 615 Central Avenue, my hat goes off to Sara Stonecipher and her ability to create and adapt her shop that is favored by many of the locals. (www.bemisred.com)

A true St. Pete native (her family has been here for three generations!), Stonecipher has always known that she had a passion for fashion, but was not quite sure where she sat in the industry. After attending University of Central Florida, she explored a few avenues including an ad stylist for a major department store, clothing design (which she quickly found that was not for her), and working for an online vintage retailer. While wearing many hats and playing multiple roles in these companies, Sara gathered plenty of experience under her belt and soon decided to create her own vintage store in Downtown St. Pete.

Sara and Nathan Stonecipher own both MISRED and Green Bench Brewing Co. in Downtown St. Pete
Sara and Nathan Stonecipher own both MISRED and Green Bench Brewing Co. in Downtown St. Pete

After searching for retail space, her husband, Nathan (who owns Green Bench Brewing Co.), excitedly showed her an article in the paper explaining that they were developing the block she longed to be located in. (Fun fact: Sara was one of 300 people who called that day for lease information!) In February of 2010, MISRED opened its doors as a high-end vintage store with affordable prices.

A little bird told her to experiment with carrying new products in addition to the vintage pieces and within six months, she discovered that ninety percent of sales was new merchandise. So what does a good entrepreneur do? Adapt. About a year ago MISRED made the complete transition of offering only new products to customers.

Sara explained that the shift to buying new was a major learning curve, but has been exciting for her and the staff.

“I wore vintage my whole life,” she explained. “I don’t even shop at the mall.” You think that would put a damper on purchasing, but she admits that it has helped due to the fact that she has not been blinded by the “trendy” factor and that is the last thing she wanted for her boutique.

What makes her store successful? Of course the affordable pieces play a huge factor, however, the spanned age range of customers is delightful. Whether you are in your twenties or in your 60s, MISRED has something for all shapes, sizes, and ages of ladies.


“I’m going to do this and if it doesn’t work, I’m closing!” Sara Stonecipher said as she discussed her journey. “I am not going to run a business where I don’t like the clothes to just make a dollar.” She continued by saying she wants it to be “right” and let me tell you, MISRED is more than “right,” it is nearly perfect.

Whether you are seeking a sassy little outfit for your upcoming holiday party, the basic essentials for your closet, a killer pair of shoes, or a jewelry piece that makes a bold statement – MISRED is the boutique for you. Check out this fabulous deal: a pair of leggings, a tunic, and scarf for only $42! You cannot beat that.



Looking back, Sara feels blessed to be where she is. Before her husband opened Green Bench, they travelled often to other breweries, which were almost always in interesting areas of a town. Seeing the growth of Downtown St. Pete and how the sidewalks are now slammed, she says that it is amazing how it is transforming into all of the cool places they had the opportunity to visit long ago! (You were part of the revamp, Sara. Thank you!)

High Res MISRED Logo

The next time you are shopping in beautiful Downtown St. Pete, do yourself a favor and stop into MISRED. Say hello to the owner, Sara Stonecipher, and tell her you found out about the boutique on DowntownStPete.com! Create a profile and snap a picture of your purchase to post onto Downtown Now. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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