Messy Paint Can Solution - The Drip Krown

Messy Paint Can Solution – The Drip Krown

Local painter, turned inventor and Entrepreneur, Don Kobasky, creates the Messy Paint Can Solution. The Drip Krown, can be found at their website,

The patent pending Drip Krown is a specially designed plastic device that solves the age-old dilemma of crusty contaminated, drippy, one gallon paint cans. As a lifelong painter, Don was continually frustrated, as all painters are, with the inability to properly reseal a one gallon paint can after use. The accumulated paint in the rim, hampers a proper seal, potentially spoiling the remaining contents.  As Don would reopen an old paint can, he often found the remaining contents hardened and spoiled. This frustration led Don to finally prototype and ultimately produce the solution, that anyone who has ever painted with a one gallon can, can appreciate.

Don shares that the Drip Krown also benefits the auto body repair and restoration industry. “Auto body workers no longer have to waste a significant amount of money with the clogged, cement like build-up of auto body filler.” Kobasky’s solution solves what’s been plaguing the industry for decades.  Don continues, “Painters and auto body workers alike can now reseal their one gallon cans while protecting and preventing product spoilage and waste thanks to the Drip Krown. The Drip Krown is the only product on the market that completely protects the entire rim of a one gallon can and has the added benefit of a built in “wiper”, which allows painters to perfectly “load” their brush every time with zero drips. The wiper also doubles as a handy paintbrush holder, securely holding a paintbrush vertically while the painter climbs up and down the ladder, and while carrying the can around from room to room.

Currently Don is in talks with the big box outlets and large paint producing corporations as he seeks world-wide distribution of his revolutionary product. Excitedly Don proclaims, his pitch just-about perfect, “The Drip Krown solves the messy pain car dilemma – get yours today!


Don Kobasky, local St. Petersburg, Florida high-impact painter – his highly impactful style can only be truly experienced in person and has shown previously at historic venue NOVA 535 Unique Event Space, in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, FL. Enjoy a few of his works that have being shown and collected around the world.

During our interview with Don, we asked him about his life as a custom illustrator and painter.

Are you available for custom, commissioned work? “Yes. Many of the sold pieces on my site are one-of-a-kind creations requested from customers around the country. Since I am not pigeonholed into any one subject or genre, I can handle a diverse range of interests. A review of my site reveals I can paint everything from airplanes to elephants.”   

How long does it take to complete an original painting? “50 to 60 hours on larger paintings is roughly the ‘norm’ but I have dedicated as many as 90 hours on a single piece in order to satisfy the high standards and ultimate finished product I demand from myself.” 

How much are your original paintings? “Please contact me at 727-565-3387 for a friendly consultation regarding my reasonable fees, as each custom work of art varies in both time and difficulty. You’ll discover my pricing to be fair in relation to the tremendous value you will receive.”


Don Kobasky High-Impact Artwork Downtown St. Pete DTSP painter and entrepreneur and inventor of the Drip Krown
Don Kobasky High-Impact Painting “Noble Otis”


Don Kobasky High-Impact Artwork Downtown St. Pete DTSP painter and entrepreneur
Don Kobasky High-Impact Painting “Einstein”


Don Kobasky High-Impact Artwork Downtown St. Pete DTSP painter and entrepreneur and inventor of the Drip Krown
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