fort de soto dog beach

Fort De Soto Dog Beach

Where can you find one of the best beaches in America, with the highest rating for clean water, and is a dog beach?

fort de soto dog beach

Well that would be Fort De Soto Park’s Dog beach and Paw Playground, found less than 20 minutes from St. Petersburg Florida.

In our experience, if you want to have a good time at the beach, you better be prepared. Bring a cooler with lots of water, that’s a huge priority for you and for your dog. Next, bring towels, bring a bowl for water and snacks, and bring some toys. Don’t forget bring poop bags! Even though some are provided at the beach, bring extra. That covers the bare necessities. But this isn’t the skimped guide to the beach, this is the ultimate guide to the beach!

Bring an umbrella or tent, or ours – the hybrid super-brella. Bring beach chairs, otherwise you’re beach blanket and towels are going to become a very sandy and wet dog bed. We strongly recommend to bring a brush or slicker to use at the dog washing station near the exit.

To get down to Fort De Soto Park, you’ll need to drive through Tierra Verde. Pass a toll and pay $5 in cash to get into the park. And when you think about it, that’s really not bad compared to what you’ll find at this beach and what you’d pay to park at any other beach on the west coast of Florida.

Follow the signs to the paw playground, park in the lot, and walk on down to find your slice of this beach. Sometimes you’ll find the water is crystal clear, but depending on the wind, surf, and tide you may find the water more blueish-green.

Here’s how we set up: First, pop up that tent-brella to have some shade, next get your chairs in ideal dog and water viewing position, make sure the cooler is nearby, and you’re all set to have some fun!

 Set up for the dog beach

Things to watch out for – don’t mess with those sea oats – long grass behind you. That’s what keeps the beach at the beach. It’s always good to introduce yourself to your neighbors. At some point your dogs will be in their area, their dogs will be in yours, you’ll be sharing water bowls before you know it. Take the opportunity to make a new friend – or several!

This beach is breathtaking. You’ll be elated playing with the dogs and seeing the joy they get from jumping into the surf and racing across the sand.

On the way out, walk through the dog park to the dog wash station. Use your brush and the hose to get all the sand out, and dry them off by the car. Follow these steps and you’ll have a fantastic time at the Fort De Soto Dog Beach.

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