Handcrafted clutches at Cozette's Boutique

Cozette’s Boutique has Eclectic and Elegant Fashion with Street Sense

Cozette’s Boutique has Eclectic and Elegant Fashion with Street Sense

There are plenty of little gems in Downtown St. Pete, aka DTSP, but one stands out in particular: Cozette’s Boutique (www.cozettesboutique.com), found at 645 Central Avenue #1. The unique shop, owned and operated by former fashion model, Cozette Roché, features a wide array of products including fashion, accessories, and organic items for the home and body. Cozette’s Boutique is located at 645 Central Avenue #1, St. Pete, Fl 33701  813-317-1241. Have I mentioned how much I love shopping in this little city?!

Interior of Cozette's Boutique
Interior of Cozette’s Boutique

Cozette’s Boutique has a sense of harmony and peace that is created from every item in the store. The first thing you will fall in love with is the aroma of handmade soaps that fills the air. There is a wide selection to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect scent to fit you and your lifestyle. All of the soaps are produced from organic and natural products and are locally made right here in Saint Pete.

Then, you will notice the bold colors and rich fabrics throughout the space. The vast arrangement of handmade dresses, scarves, and other clothing is unique beyond belief. Take a closer look and you will learn that most of Cozette’s pieces are one-of-a-kind artisan made. The pieces that are imported from international designers, are rare and cannot be found in the States. For instance, she carries designer pieces from Anatopik, which is only found in Europe, Asia, and at Cozette’s!

Artisan made dress from France at Cozette's Boutique
Artisan made dress from France at Cozette’s Boutique

Not only does she carry eclectic fashion, you will also see unusual jewelry glistening from every corner and handcrafted totes and clutches displayed throughout. There is a line of hand stitched clutches (pictured below) by a designer who does not create two pieces alike. The various colors, sizes, and designs make these clutches functional for different styles, ensembles, and can be enjoyed by any age.

Handcrafted clutches at Cozette's Boutique
Handcrafted clutches at Cozette’s Boutique

If you personally are searching for something to wear to a special occasion, are looking for a memorable gift for a loved one, or simply eager to browse extraordinary products, with an inventory that is constantly evolving, Cozette’s Boutique is the perfect boutique for you. Be sure to tell Cozette that downtownstpete.com sent you!

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645 Central Avenue #1, St. Pete, Fl 33701

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm

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