Bone-Rattling Fun at St. Pete’s Favorite Halloween Party – NOVAween 9

Let’s face it, we are too old to trick-or-treat (unless they handed out little bottles of liquor as the treats), but we still yearn for the opportunity to put on a costume and party a bit as someone or something else. In spirit of the season, allow me to brew up a potion for you ghouls to indulge in. Nine years in the making, historical Downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida event venue NOVA 535 and owner, Michael Novilla, bring you a spooktacular event on Friday, October 30, 2015 – NOVAween9. Known as St. Pete’s Favorite Halloween Party, NOVAween is a must-do on Halloween weekend. Why? Because it is a traditional All Hallows Eve 21+ bash. (Perfect because if you have little goblins, you can still celebrate with them on the 31st!)


“Halloween allows everyone to enjoy being an alter ego for the night. You can dress up and pretend to be anyone or anything you can imagine.  It’s a night off from our overworked, overstressed realities, a night to let loose and enjoy some adult fun!” Novilla said as he explained why he enjoys the holiday so much.

You see, Michael has always been a legendary host and the story of NOVAween began with awesome Halloween parties at his Crescent Lake home. While Team NOVA was literally in the middle of creating NOVA 535, someone came up with the grand idea of throwing the annual extravaganza there. Mind you, the venue was not close to being ready – the bathrooms didn’t exist and the bar was merely topped with plywood. With the unfinished touches, the Downtown St. Pete venue had a haunting and scary feel, which provided the perfect location for the first ever NOVAween! (The venue is breath-taking now, but Team NOVA does a howling job at keeping the spooky charm of the first party.)

Storytime. The debut NOVAween in the building was a private event because licenses were not yet in placed. Friends of friends showed up and it turned into a thrilling evening. To Michael’s surprise, a police car came hurling into the dirt yard (which is now the stunning brick and bamboo courtyard) with the lights and sirens ablaze. An officer jumped out of the cruiser and everyone thought the party was over. Ready to plead forgiveness from the cops and after a few heart-pounding seconds, he then realized it was a dear friend on the force simply coming to check in on the party. (Although there are plenty of other stories to share, a lot are too wild to share!)

NOVAween_DTSP-14 NOVAween_DTSP-7

Other than a sh*t ton of party-goers in epic costumes enjoying the holiday in a world-class venue, what can you expect from NOVAween9?

“NOVAween is the combo of many factors: a core group of longtime friends and fellow freaks who adore Halloween (and partying).” Novilla explains.


"Got Jokes Entertainment" founder Daniel "MoTown" Jefferson with his crew at NOVAween
“Got Jokes Entertainment” founder Daniel “MoTown” Jefferson with his crew at NOVAween

The actual building was built in 1920 and has many different rooms and looks. For example, the upstairs lounge is perfect for a hair-raising conversation, the VIP balcony is amazing for people (or zombie) watching, the main gallery is spacious enough for all of you sexy devils to dance your bums off, and of course the bamboo courtyard is available for a breath of fresh air. You may or may not even experience the friendly ghost of NOVA 535!

When you arrive, look up and allow your eyes to feast upon the spine-chilling aerialists, catch a glimpse of the hauntingly seductive go-go dancers, have your future told by the vagabond Tarot Card reader, get a little crazy in the photobooth, and see the skating clowns battle it out in a life or death matchup. Of course, the spellbinding Gypsy Allure will be back to host the shocking soirée and the improved costume contest. That’s right, a friendly competition with phantom-tastic surprises – so, be sure to come dressed to impressed!



Gypsy Allure - host of NOVAween9
Gypsy Allure – host of NOVAween9

“Since NOVAween9 is based on Dante’s 9 Circles, from Heaven to Hell, and Hell is Hot and we love disco, so Disco Inferno was born!” Novilla said as he got heated up about the event.

Last year, hundreds and hundreds of weirdos attended, don’t you dare make the grave mistake of missing the festivities this year! Purchase your tickets in advance to save a few dollars (and you can spend the money you saved on another cocktail at the party or grab a bite from the always fresh and delicious Murray’s Chicago Deli ). Gather up a group of friends and become a part of the frightening fun at NOVAween9 at NOVA 535 on Friday, October 30th – 9pm-3am.

NOVAween_DTSP-10 NOVAween_DTSP-13 can’t wait for you to post your photos from the party onto Downtown Now. Don’t be scared, join our growing online community – we’d love to hear from you!


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