The Beauty Bungalow in DTSP 2016

The Beauty Bungalow Is The Secret To Simply Beautiful Skin

The holidays are upon us, my friends. As the weather outside is cooling down here in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida, one thing that may also change is your stress level. Shopping, party planning, decorations and arriving out-of-towners may have your worry-meter skyrocketing. Where does that show? Your skin! Right now is a better time than ever to start a skincare regimen that leaves you glowing. Especially for all those photos you are about to pose for this holiday season. Three things we love here at local, health-conscious, and positive vibes. The Beauty Bungalow is the perfect example of all three and that’s why it is the secret to simply beautiful skin.

The Beauty Bungalow
1717 9th Street North
St Pete, Fl. 33704

The Beauty Bungalow in DTSP 2016
Denise Oglesby, owner of The Beauty Bungalow in Downtown St. Pete, has fulfilled her dream of creating a warm environment with quality skincare services.

Owned by the radiant St. Pete native Esthetician, Denise Oglesby, The Beauty Bungalow has recently celebrated its one-year anniversary in DTSP. With services that include Microcurrent Facials, Face Peels, Holistic Skincare, Mircrodermabrasian, Eyelash Extensions and much more – it is truly your one stop shop for vibrant and healthy skin (services range from $90-$150).

The Beauty Bungalow in DTSP 2016

As soon as you walk through the doors of the absolutely darling bungalow, your mind will ease directly into relaxation. The scent of essential oils and calming sounds will dance into your heart, making you feel happy to be there. That is what makes The Beauty Bungalow different – the welcoming energy. (It’s also right down the street from historic event venue NOVA 535. Getting married? Get your glow on here and tie the knot at NOVA!).

The Beauty Bungalow in DTSP 2016

Truth be told – I had never gotten a facial before. In most situations, I’m fearless: diving, climbing, and performing in the circus, for example. When it comes to massages, reiki, hair-styling, etc., I have a tendency to psyche myself out if it’s an experience with a new person. This is my body, my temple, and I don’t want my chi stolen. They must exert like-minded energy for me to feel comfortable. Most individuals in the skincare industry seem disingenuous. They always try to coax you into buying a product or saying yes to one too many facial peels or “preventative” Botox at a young age. I promise you, Denise is the complete opposite of the stereotypical esthetician. (She’s cool! She wears TOMS and posts photos of her dog on instagram).

The Beauty Bungalow in DTSP 2016

First of all, Denise thanked me for trusting her with my first facial. To me, that speaks oodles. She is passionate about her practice, is grateful for her clients and her clients are definitely thankful for her! Denise performs with class and charm and is always putting the customer first, rather than seeing how much she can hike up the bill.

The Beauty Bungalow in DTSP 2016

Personally, my experience overall at The Beauty Bungalow in DTSP, left me wanting to come back for more. The apricot mask was refreshing, the final mist left my pours blissfully tingling, and that upper body massage made me forget what I had to do for the remainder of the afternoon. One of my favorite aspects was that Denise actually taught me about how I can improve the way I’m taking care of my skin. She, and her team, are continuously educating themselves about the skin as an organ rather than simply learning how to sell a new product or use a new machine. They are focused on enhancing their skincare education for a better understanding on what each client can benefit from – and that’s why The Beauty Bungalow stands out from other spas.

The Beauty Bungalow in DTSP 2016

Like I said to begin with, the holidays are here! It’s time for you to treat yourself to a healthy glow. Book your appointment now at The Beauty Bungalow and tell them that sent you and give Denise Oglesby a hug for me. While you’re there, why not pick up a few gift certificates for your loved ones – anyone would appreciate the gift of refreshed skin!

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