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5 Summer Staples to Find at the Saint Pete Indie Market

Ah, summer. A time for longer days, more sunshine, fewer clothes and continuous sweating. (Thanks, Florida!) All jokes aside, summer time tends to bring out the most fun in people. Whether it’s seasonal happiness or the endorphins produced while getting in beach body-shape (or the cocktails enjoyed on said beach), summer days in St. Pete, Florida are the reason thousands of people vacation in our great city each year.

Summer in St. Pete is also a time for excellent events and festivals including St. Pete Pride, Vans Warped Tour and three Indie Markets!

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When it comes to making purchases – seasonal or otherwise – we’re always going to encourage shopping local versus shopping online or from Big Box stores. The quality of the products tends to be better, plus you’re stimulating the local economy by keeping your dollars within our city limits. With that in mind, here are 5 summer staples to find at the Saint Pete Indie Market:

Drought/heat-tolerant decor

As any Floridian knows, summer rain usually lasts for 4 to 7 minutes and occurs approximately 0 to 3 times daily. This is not a scientific measurement, just an educated guess based on evidence that I can see outside my window. So even though we do get rain during this time of year, it’s also insanely hot. And insanely hot temperatures call for extremely resilient plants. O’Berry’s Succulents is “A traveling boutique succulent store” specializing in, well, succulents. And cacti. So gussy up (let’s bring that back) any windowsill, desk, dining room table or patio with a summertime succulent. They’re also a great gift idea or take-home treat for any snowbirds who don’t get much rain in their native lands.

oberrys-succulentsPhoto source: oberryssucculents.com

Grill-ready condiments

One of the sure-fire (pun obviously intended) signs of summer is the smell of a backyard BBQ. And what goes better with flame-cooked meats and veggies than handcrafted condiments? The Urban Canning Company offers fresh, locally sourced, hand-preserved mustards and pickles that beautifully complement any hamburger, hot dog or vegetarian equivalent.

urban-canning-companyPhoto source: facebook.com/TheUrbanCanningCompany

B.O. defense

As mentioned in the intro, this is the season of sweating. And sweating often brings its friend odor along. And no one likes odor. Odor stinks. Protect yourself from unwanted odor with Bodhi Basics‘ organic deodorants. They’re made from all-natural ingredients and essential oils and none of that stuff that gives you armpit cancer. Bodhi Basics also has soaps and dog washes for stinky creatures of all kinds.

bodhi-basics-deodorantPhoto source: bodhibasics.com

Airy apparel

Summer is the time to do away with modesty and focus on comfort. And being comfortable during a Florida summer means exposing your skin to real live air. Ashe Couture Boutique has a wide variety of trendy tops and tanks that will keep you looking and feeling fresh. They also have shorts, skirts and dresses made to wear in the St. Pete heat.

ashe-couturePhoto source: facebook.com/AsheCoutureBoutique

Stylish shades

Summer means displaying personal style and there’s no better way to do that in the Florida sun than with some unique shades. gypsy junQue is a traveling shop of “hippie chic” treasures, and among a variety of upcycled and repurposed items and accessories, you can find the ray-blocking frames that will bring the fashion to your face.

gypsy-junquePhoto source: facebook.com/gypsyjunQue

Sure, 9 out of 12 months of the year feel like summer in Florida, but there’s only one true season to celebrate all things sunshine. And with the help of the St. Pete Indie Market, you’ll be ready to take on summer like a pro and discover great local vendors in the process. Don’t miss the Saint Pete Indie Market on Saturday, July 18 at NOVA 535 Unique Event Space in Downtown St. Petersburg. Take advantage of this indoor (air conditioned) market extravaganza and get out of the heat for a while!

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