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4U-Fitness Is For You, For Real

Remember the 1987 movie Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger? It’s set in a dystopian United States between 2017 and 2019, that’s nearly modern day. Think about it, we live in the future and chances are you have heard the names Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, and if you haven’t, get out from under that rock. They have acted as pioneers of advancing technology and developing sustainable energy. Who is acting as this leader in futuristic-fitness in the US? His name is Daniel Nyiri, owner of 4U-Fitness, located at 430 4th Street South in Downtown St. Pete. He has brought over the Electric Muscle Stimulation Machine (E-Fit) from Europe and it’s more valuable than any other fitness tool on the market today.


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Nina Nyiri is all smiles when training her clients with the Electric Muscle Stimulation machine at 4U-Fitness!

What is E-Fit?

The device is used with a vest and pants that have electrodes placed strategically over the muscle groups. E-Fit sends electrical impulses to these spots on your body that cause the muscles to contract and relax.

Don’t worry! It’s not some sort of crazy shock therapy and you aren’t getting electrocuted. I gave it a shot, and let me tell you, it was one of the most effective workouts I’ve ever experienced. And guess what? It takes 20 minutes and only two to three sessions per week are necessary to improve your well being.

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What does it feel like?

Funny. My anxiety got a hold of me at first, but with Nyiri’s sense of humor and easy-going personality, I was able to get my nervous heart rate slowed down before I even started exercising. I asked him how people normally react during their initial experiment with the machine. He told me that they usually giggle and say how weird it feels or users get excited and desire a higher intensity.

The stimulation on the muscle groups simply feels like a powerful vibration. Throughout the workout, you’ll feel three speeds – one for the warm-up, one for the workout, and one for the cool down.

The part that stuck out the most was during my warm-up. Nyiri instructed me to do high-knees. Seems simple, right? Wrong. After about 10 reps I felt as though my legs had massive weights attached to them and I couldn’t even lift my knees up. Although I was laughing at myself, I could most definitely feel that it was actually working!

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DowntownStPete.com Content Creator Erika Cain tried the E-Fit machine for the first time and fell in love with the quick results! Daniel Nyiri took this photo of me, it’s a little out of focus, but we were excited to get started with the workout!

How effective are the results?

After my workout at 4U-Fitness in Downtown St. Pete, I could immediately see more definition in my abs and legs. The next day I certainly felt soreness, but the second day my muscles were screaming for joy. I noticed sensation in parts of my body where I had never felt muscles working previously. Even about four days after my first session with the E-Fit machine, there were muscle groups still smiling.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! Jamaican Olympic Sprinter Usain Bolt even trains with electric muscle stimulation technology and NASA used it for astronauts as far back as the 1970s. Listen, time is money and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital. We are all busy, but you certainly have 20-minutes a few times a week to get an amazing workout. No excuses, just give it a shot. I promise you will be glad you did.

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Jamaican Olympic Sprinter, Usain Bolt, trains with electric muscle stimulation technology. Photo courtesy of Bolt’s Instagram (thanks social media!)

Who is Daniel Nyiri and why is DTSP excited to have him here?

Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Nyiri (27) was a professional hockey player who had to cut his career short due to an injury. Upon coming to the United States at 22 years old, he only had $150 in his pocket, did not speak English and slept on friends’ couches. He got around in a beat up old Mustang with no license plate, no insurance, and no brake pads. This made getting from A to B a little tough as he could only drive when there was no traffic, simultaneously hiding from the cops in risk of getting pulled over. At one point, Nyiri worked five jobs for three years straight. He lacked a social life, but he had one thing in mind: to help people. Helping people is the exact reason why he wanted to open a gym. Nyiri is living proof that perseverance pays off.

“Our success is not because of the machine,” Nyiri said. “We listen to what the client wants and what they want is results. The machine just comes in as a tool.” Clients can trust their trainer who they build a relationship with. Plus the atmosphere of the gym is pristine, inviting and beautiful.

4u-FItness Downtown St. Pete - Daniel Nyiri - DTSP 2016-2
Daniel Nyiri, owner of 4U-Fitness in Downtown St. Pete.

4U-Fitness does not push crash-diets or fad work outs. The Electronic Muscle Stimulation machine is gaining popularity around the world with over 1,800 locations in Europe, and Daniel Nyiri was the first to bring it over to the United States. After battling with the FDA for three and a half years, Nyiri and his stunning wife Nina (pictured together in the featured image at the top of this post), opened the first 4U-Fitness in Tampa in 2012, adding a second location in Downtown St. Pete in 2014. The Nyiris are working hard to grow 4U-Fitness beyond these two locations, which are currently the ONLY Electronic Muscle Stimulation fitness centers in the US.

You can also find Daniel at Entrepreneur Social Club held (almost) every Thursday evening at beautiful venue NOVA 535. He is a valuable contributor to the fun and productive ESC meetings, and his sense of humor makes him a joy to be around!

4u-FItness Downtown St. Pete - Daniel Nyiri - DTSP 2016-4

What are you waiting for?! Book your consultation and start your first E-Fit machine workout at 4U-Fitness in Downtown St. Pete. Remember, the workout is only 20 minutes long with results that you can see and feel immediately. If you don’t believe me, read the success stories for yourself!

DowntownStPete.com is focused on only featuring the 5-star local places to go, things to do, and personalities to meet (such as owner of 4U-Fitness, Daniel Nyiri). Create a free profile to stay in touch with other members who work, play, or live in DTSP. When you try the E-Fit workout, post a pic on Downtown Now! We can’t wait to hear what you think about the technology!

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