14 New SHINE St. Pete Murals that Provoke with Paint

As the SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival activities wind down, our little city is left with some big additions to its steadily growing arts scene. Let’s take a look at some of the process photos and see how local and international artists turned boring facades into priceless works of art.

shine-st-pete-mural-mapMap courtesy of ShineOnStPete.com

1.Andrew Spear / Erik Jones / Vitale Bros. / Michael Vasquez / Hoxxoh

Andrew Spear creates a dreamlike dance of creatures including pink elephants. Erik Jones and the Vitale Bros. team up to create a surreal homage to the female face and Michael Vasquez and Hoxxoh create a tribute to St. Pete titled “Let’s Go Back.”

2. Hoxxoh

As described on his website, “Hoxxoh’s work isn’t about the ebbs and flows of time eventually determining whether our existence will stand to be recognized, but instead serves to show that time in itself is a beautiful energy meant to be marveled at. His works represent what happens when we let go of our control of time and let its predetermined course take control.” And marvel, we shall.

3. Vitale Bros.

The Vitale Bros.’ ode to family emits bright and positive energy on the side of the Evil Don building, providing a Yin and Yang relationship that fits perfectly together.

4. Morning Breath

Morning Breath’s graphic-heavy take on human oddity is hard to miss when driving down Central Avenue. The bright yellow piece seems to serve as a mixture between a late-night infomercial and a circus sideshow. And it’s awesome.

5. 123Klan

123Klan’s street art and hip hop influence has made them a force to be reckoned with since 1992. They’re a creative duo that pushes graphic boundaries, allowing them to expand their style to other facets of art.

6. Ya La’Ford

It’s difficult to understand the scope of Ya La’Ford’s work from these photos. If you see in the first photo, a man is installing blue lighting to the lines painted on the ceiling. As her website states, she is interested in “the additive and subtractive processes, negative and positive spaces, obsessions, interconnectivity, evidence, and manipulation.”

7. Evoca1

By far the largest piece in the Festival, Evoca1 meticulously brings a girl and her dog to life, stroke by stroke. Passersby are curious to experience the end result and the emotion that is evoked (did he mean to do that?!) from the massive piece.

8. Pep Rally, Inc. 

Pep Rally slyly (and creatively) slips a gator (crocodile?) among the brick columns on the back of Ricky P’s Bistro. Their distinct, collage style is best observed up close and it adds a beautiful dimension to the space.

9. Bask

This piece went up so quickly, I was unable to capture any process shots, but the style is truly Bask. Check it out on the wall adjacent to the Red Mesa Mercado when traveling on 1st Ave. North.

10. Chad Mize

This was the first mural to appear in St. Pete before the Festival even officially began. I think Chad “Chizzy” Mize wanted to get the ‘Burg pumped up for what was to come. Nailed it.

11. Hitnes

An Italian street artist, Hitnes creates a massive spoonbill and mangrove mural that is sure to delight van renters and Rays fans, alike. (It’s right by the Trop.)

12. Greg Mike

Another mural that went up at lightning speed, Greg Mike constructs a psychedelic cartoonish showcase that is reminiscent of early 90s Nickelodeon shows and Mickey Mouse on acid. It’s super trippy and a blast for the eyes.

13. Shark Toof

A crowd favorite, Shark Toof generates a massive, misunderstood predator on the side of the State Theater. It’s simple yet sophisticated style tastefully juxtaposes the surrounding graff art and adds a mindfully menacing element to the popular art spot.

14. Ricky Watts

Ricky Watts turns the back of The Edge building downtown into a colorful, twisting, dripping, kaleidoscope of epic proportions. Based in Northern California, St. Pete was lucky to have Watts put his signature spray on one of its walls.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to take a self-guided tour of these new murals, I encourage you to do so immediately. Not only a wonderful selfie opportunity, these walls provide St. Pete’s residents with hope, peace, fear, apprehension, curiosity, love, shock, awe and every other human emotion. Because that’s what art does: provoke. And we’re lucky enough to admire this art on a large scale right in our own backyard.

For more information about St. Pete’s happenings, visit Downtown St. Pete’s Events Calendar.

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